SDC Verification
SDCs are still largely manually created files based on designer knowledge and system specifications. Timevision includes a variety of techniques to check SDC files semantically and from a “intent” perspective, and checks
Basic SDC/TCL syntax issues, object lists and intent correctness
Incorrectly specified clocks or missing clock definitions
Missing or incorrect set_clock_group or clock set_false_path specifications
Clock MUXing points and mode table extraction
Set_case_analysis correctness, including satisfiability checking
IO constraint correctness – missing, incomplete or underconstrained IOs
Multimode timing coverage, verifying that all startpoints & endpoints are appropriately covered across all timing scenarios
Timevision includes a rich “auto-debug” environment to aid the user in understanding reported issues, as well as a sophisticated waiver scheme that does not rely on ordering of constraints in SDC files, and allows for reuse across projects.